A blue story of recycling textiles in Japan

By Jeanne Goutelle Boro is a Japanese word meaning "tattered rags". It refers to the way people used to recycle small pieces...

11 May

The Expression of Flowers: Ruslan Nurgaliev

Times change, things are temporary. Our environment is changing and flexible. Stable enviroments don't exist. Time would have...

28 Apr

The grey areas in between cultures

Being lost in translation can be frustrating. You don't understand something, or you lack the ability to express something, s...

14 Apr

Psychology of Colour in the Educational Environment

When it comes to colour in the learning environment, function trumps aesthetics. Colour trend & other such frivolities ha...

06 Apr

Temperature Variations and colour change: The Season Carpet

By Jeanne Goutelle: Hello spring, goodbye winter! That could be the tittle of this piece. That could've been our motto for o...

02 Apr

Sophie Smallhorn: Colour, Chaos & Order

By Justine Fox: Colour understanding is at the forefront of my work with Clarity InColour. It defines the projects that we e...

25 Mar

Tones are essential in geometric art: Zarah Hussain

In geometric art colors are very easy to get wrong. The use of tone is very important in geometric art because of the diversi...

22 Mar

A glimpse into a product design project

Product design requires an open mind. Daniel Kerris' Synaesynth project isn't the result of stale and narrow thinking. The pr...

17 Mar

The Branded Spectrum: Yellow

By Jason Allen: Without being prompted, it's hard to think of many logos that are yellow, isn't it? It's an unusual colour i...

12 Mar

Last chance for a winters sleep

We've met Toshihiko Shibuya before and this winter he's been at it again. This time at the Ice Hills Hotel in Tobetsu Japan. ...

09 Mar

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