We all choose colors for our interiors at home or the office, we choose the colors for our clothes. We often do it intuitively. This works well for some, and for others it may mean accepting a mistake or two, or three... Here's some tips on how to choose the colors for your home interior, or what to wear friday night. Don't expect us to tell you exactly what colors to use. These articles offer some guidelines on how you would approach looking, describing and choosing your colors and using the color wheel to help make a color scheme that works for you. We use interior design examples, but you can apply it to anything you have to choose a color for.

Using this simple color theory will help you develop ideas for your home interior design and decoration. Do you want a calm look, or a busy exciting one for your livingroom? When choosing colors for decorations keep the tips you'll read in mind, and learn to look at other interiors you see in magazines with our tips in mind. Selecting wall colors for a new home, if you're keeping your old furniture and decorations you need choose wall colors that are adjusted to your existing furniture. And the same goes for fashion, but even in areas like graphic design. These tips are short and simpel so you'll make better color choices right away.

Describing Your Colors
When you look at the objects around you and describe them you describe it's shape, functions and probably it's color aswell. If you would focus on it's color, here's how you could do that. After reading this, scroll through the…...
Choosing your colors: the color wheel
Here's a simple tool to use when choosing colors for your home, office or accessories. The color wheel shows the colors you can choose, and the wheel helps you choose a set of colors, a palette, to create the effect…...
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