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15 Aug

All about Green

groen collage1

 Photosynthesis. Turning the light of the sun into the green of the plants, leaves and grass we all love so much. Green is nature and it's obvious why green is used for anything that wants to be connected with caring for our environment. Green implies life, and that feels good. Medieval brides wore green to represent fertility. It's a soothing color, good to wear if want to feel relaxed or want others to feel relaxed around you. Consider green for a calming home interior. Green is also 'Go!'. Be it at a traffic light, or getting a green card to enter the USA. It's a difficult color to produce, generally needing toxic materials to acchieve the right hue. So green also contaminates the environment.



groen collage3 In Islam green is a sacred color (it's often used in flags of Arab countries where the Islam is the main religion), whereas other cultures green is conected to hope, death or demons. In many areas it's associated with growth and being young. A green stick fracture is common among children as their bones have qualities similar to those of young twigs on trees that bend but won't snap and break. In Dutch fraternities there's an 'ontgroening' (de-greening) for new members before they become full members. And what's the color of the goddess Venus? Not red or pink, it's green...






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