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15 Aug

All About Purple

paars collage1Purple is a special color in a way. There's not a lot of negative connection to the color. First of all: purple is a mental color, symbolizing several states of mind induced naturally or unnaturally. Several artists in the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Richard Wagner used the color as a source of creativity or meditation. It has phsychodelic qualities associating it with drug induced mentail states of mind aswell. It's a calming color, but as with other colors, when overused it, when there's too much of it around, it will lead to moodiness. So your painting a room purple, you should use softer tones with tint, and make sure to counteract purple with other colors.



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Purple fruit is good for your bloodvessels, due to it's high amount of flavonides. It's also the first massproduced dye, in the 19th century, but in Roman times purple's popularity almost lead to the extinction of a type of shellfish used to create purple dye. In the old though, purple was only affordable for the rich, and royal. If you're 'born purple', you're a member of a royal family. Beijings forbidden city is actually called the Purple Forbidden city, referring to a secret area of heaven. Power is sexy, and purple is the sensual color suiting a more sophisticated type of sexy than red is associated with. In the middel ages violet represented being single, and the womens movement used to symbolize womens independence. And in Thailand, purple is worn by mourning widows.



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