Simple Color Theory

05 Jun

Choosing your colors: the color wheel

Here's a simple tool to use when choosing colors for your home, office or accessories. The color wheel shows the colors you can choose, and the wheel helps you choose a set of colors, a palette, to create the effect you want. We use interiors as an example, but use this for graphics or fashion aswell. Have a look at the illustrations below.


You'll choose a set of colors (a palette) which are opposite eachother on the colorwheel, called complementary colors. Or you can choose colors which are next to eachother on the wheel, called analogous colors. Or you choose one color on the color wheel, giving you a monochromatic palette.


In the monochromatic palette, you choose one color. However, you'll find there are different tints (lighter color) or shadows (darker color) to choose from. Choosing a monochromatic palette will give you a calm result, but  make sure to choose tints and shawdows, as having everything in one color will be overwhelming.

illustratie blauw illustratie geel

Analogous colors are next to eachother on the colorwheel. Decorating your room with analogous colors will give it a consitent and calm feel. Objects can be accentuated without being as stricking as with the third type, complementary colors.

illustratie blauw groen illustratie geel groen

Complementary colors have high contrast, making objects really stick out. They're opposite eachother on the color wheel, as you can in the example below. If you want something to be noticed, make sure it's a complementary color to it's surroundings.

illustratie rood blauw illustratie paars geel

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