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15 Aug

All About Yellow

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The sun is one of the strongest symbols to connect to a color. The sun brings light and life to earth and it's color has several positive connections because of it. Light, joy, enthousiasm optimism. All things the color yellow gives to people in many parts of the world. The color is said relieve. It helps you make clear choices, reduces panic and nervousness. In the winter months yellow can help those that suffer from winter depressions. For Chinese yellow is a royal color, and in earlier days only the emperor could wear yellow. 




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It's not all good though. Yellow teeth, illness, ageing, cowardness. Yellow journalism is bad journalism like in the gossip columns. A yellow card in soccer means a player needs to be careful or risk getting put out of the game. Many insects are attracted to shades of yellow, so getting a yellow pick-nick cloth isn't a great idea. Allthough it's bright and happy, if your baby sleeps in a yellow and often cries or can't sleep, consider giving the room a different color. Be cautious when in an auto-race, as yellow flags signal a disturbance on the track. School busses in the USA are yellow, as are many traffic signs that ask for caution. Yellow is good in traffic as it stands out properly. 




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