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The Disappearance of Color film programme

'The Disappearence of Colour', a special film programme this october and november in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Organised by the Dutch Materiaalfonds, this programme will look at the life of colour in cinema, from its early days in nineteenth century coloured cinema to the introduction of Technicolor techniques, experimental video and the advent of digital cinema and new media technologies. New colour technologies inevitably raise questions about the meaning and value of colour: is black and white more ‘realistic’ than colour-cinema or vice versa? Can a filmmaker play with colour just like a painter? Do specific colours disappear with the current conversion from analogue to digital cinema? In a series of lectures, filmscreenings and presentations 'The Disappearence of Colour' looks at the intersection of colour-ideology and colour-technology in cinema. See below for the programme.

(photo below: tinting and toning sample card from the ealy 1920's, courtesy of Noel Desmet)

A tinting and toning sample card from the early 1920s. Courtesy Noël Desmet.

October: The Weight of Colour at Kriterion, Amsterdam

THE WEIGHT OF COLOUR is programming five Monday-evenings of October in the series MODERN CLASSICS  in Filmhouse Kriterion. Each film is preceded by an introduction of a filmmaker, artist or expert in the field of film and colour. The programme:

October 1: writer/filmdirector Peter Delpeut with Far From Heaven(2004)

October 8: filmdirector Joost van Ginkel with Wild at Heart (1990)

October 15: artist/filmmaker Esther Urlus with Inferno (1980)

October 22: cinematograph Remko Schnorr with The Virgin Suicides (1999)

October 29: filmarchivist/curatorGiovanna Fossati with Jour de Fête  (1949)

November 9: The Weight of Colour at SMART Project Space, Amsterdam

The Weight of Colour programs an evening in SMART Project Space in Amsterdam.

Keynote speaker is Liz Watkins, lecturer in the History of Art at the University of Leeds. She will talk about Color and The Moving Image.

Furthermore there will be a presentation of Robin Waart, who opens a soloexhibition on November 9 in Frankendael in Amsterdam.

The Weight of Colour and WORM Rotterdam

THE DISAPPEARENCE OF COLOUR also offers two film-workshops analogue film for students of art academies at WORM in Rotterdam (direct animation and tinting & toning).

Wednesday October 31 and November 7.

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