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13 Jun

Video Art: Pipilotta Rist in St Galler Art Museum

The video art of Pipilotta Rist is being exhibited at the St Galler Art Museum in Switserland. Using colorful and wild installations, she's been doing video art for a long time, and St Gallen is exhibiting an overview of her work. Dreamy edits, moving camera shots set up in a spacial yet pittoreske environment make for an exciting exhibit. Pipilotta's work can be seen at the St Gallen gallery until November 25th.

 10 Im Not The Girl Who Misses Much 1986 09 Im Not The Girl Who Misses Much 1986

Above: I'm not the girl who misses much (1986), below Interpretiert als St Galler Anitmateria (2012)

12 Interpretiert als St.Galler Antimateria 2012 geschaald13 Interpretiert als St.Galler Antimateria 2012 geschaald14 Interpretiert als St.Galler Antimateria 2012 geschaald

 Below (both): Sip my ocean (1994-2012)

24 Perlen der Zeit aka Sip My Ocean 1994-2012 geschaald

25 Perlen der Zeit aka Sip My Ocean 1994-2012 v geschaald

   27 Blick in die Ausstellung im KM St.Gallen 1994 Rist Das Zimmer 1994 geschaald     28 Pipilotti Rist 2012 Foto Stefan Rohner 2 v

Above left: Das Zimmer (1994); above right: Pipilotta Rist.




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