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A fairytale style Flora Deborah

    A fairytale style Flora Deborah

    Flora Deborah's theme are happiness, love and courtship. And it shows. She love's pastels and bright colors. She's a freelance photographer, and she usually gets asked for her style, mostly for fashion shoots by fashion designers or magazines. Have a look at the photo's she's shared with us below, and notice how the pastel and bright colors really make the fairytale style work.


    Below: Frog Princess

    3 floradeborah frogprincess003mag 3 floradeborah frogprincess005mag

    3 floradeborah frogprincess006mag 3 floradeborah frogprincess007mag


    Below: Lilac Lady for Go Style Magazine


    2 floradeborah lilaclady001 mag 2 floradeborah lilaclady002 mag


    Below: Candy Pop for Ballad Of - Magazine

    1 floradeborah candypop007 1 floradeborah candypop010mag


    The photo's below are partially a coincidence. Flora loves the sunlight, and made some sunset pictures for their warm colors. They we're meant to be overexposed. But it went a little too far, actually burning the film a little making the photo really orange.


    3 floradeborah orange001mag 3 floradeborah orange002mag

    3 floradeborah orange003mag

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