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27 Sep

Some pigeons are more equal than others

Some pigeons are more equal than others. Animal Farm by George Orwell inspired this projects name. Julius von Bismarck and Julian Charriere made some pigeons stand out from the cities pigeon crowd, and people react in quite suprising ways. Pigeons are known as rats of the sky, not a nice description. By making pigeons more visible through colors, they're also made more individual. Humans will recognize them as an individual living being more. We get to see and understand their social life better, and the way these pigeons move thoughout the city. Just like we do. We are not alone!




Understanding the life of pigeons better also helps us understand our citylandscape better. You learn to see the city through pigeons eyes, and that view is different  to the one we all know now. 


Bismarck-Charriere-color-pigeons-12x Bismarck-Charriere-color-pigeons-14x


Julius and Julian used food dye to color the pigeons and they developped a machine to help dye the pigeons. Their guaranteed not to be harmed. It's used by bird scientists more often. Rain, sun and the natural exchange of feathers mean the colors start fading within a few months. After a year the colors are totally gone and the pigeons are just as equal as all the others again.


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