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11 Oct

Eric Cahan Recreating Memories

Recreating your memories is a difficult task. Memories are very specific, the feelings that are accompanied by the memory even more so. Eric Cahan sees the world as colorful, they make him happy. Eric decided to recreate his memories of sunsets in the Sky Series, and the skies hues are central in these memories. Memories are specific and sunsets are too. It was a great challenge for Eric to find the perfect sunsets with the perfect colors. One of the great things of memories is that they become better, most people will improve memories over time. So Eric doesn't recreate the actual sunset he once saw. He recreates the sunset made more beautiful by his memory. Memories as he wants to recieve them. Although he has used filters on his camera, there isn't any photoshopping involved.



 Eric-cahan-sky-series-7 Eric-cahan-sky-series-2

Sunsets are dynamic. The skies change by the position of the sun, the amount of moisture or smog in sky, clouds. Several factors influence how the sky looks. In certain situations Eric had to go back to a location up to times to get the right shots as local characteristics like weather play a role aswell. He's gained a preference for clear skies with low moisture, as you may get after a rain shower. And there's also the time windows: the day and time of day even influences the colors you'll see. There are also different layers of color of a sunset as you look from the horizon up. Using a telelens and zoom, Eric could focus on a specific part of the sky better. It's about the sky, not the horizon or clouds, so you won't see those in the Sky Series often. Color doesn't come in shapes.

For this article we made a selection of photo's based on our personal color preference. For more colors of the sky, make sure to check out Eric Cahans website: Sky Series.


Eric-cahan-sky-series-3 Eric-cahan-sky-series-4


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