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10 Nov

Shooting infrared

A well known technique amongst photographers, Andre Ermolaev used a camera that only lets the infrared light through, giving a special effect when used properly. He had to alter the filter in the camera, which normally doesn't let infrared light through, for one which does. In a green area this gives wonderful results, that really light up and make for a special photo. Andre explains that this camera only gives the special results if there's lot of green in the photo that can light up compared to it's surroundings. In the winter, when the leaves in the tress have fallen, the same photo wouldn't have the same effect at all as the proper light isn't reaching the camera. So to make this foto, with a certain autumn-like look to it do to the brightness of some trees, you need to be in the spring or summer, that supplies the right colors for transformation by the filter.





The photo's all have rivers in them. A remnant of a trip to Iceland several years ago where he found pictures of Icelandic photographers that inspired to photograph the Icelandic volcanic rivers. Being used to making photo's of a wide variety of subjects, Andre returned home with the river theme stuck to him. It's even lead to winning a prestigious Russian photography prize. 





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