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21 Nov

How often do you wash your blue jeans?

One of the most popular clothing items around. Everyone has at least one pair in their closet: a pair of blue jeans. It dominates the streets and has been around for over 150 years. Originally the fabric is known as denim, named after the French city Nimes where the original demin was made by a family there ('de Nimes' became denim). Of course it was Levi Strauss who used denim to make his jeans in the 1800's, but they didn't become popular as blue jeans until the 1920's. The real jump for blue jeans came in the 1950's with the growth of pop culture. This long tradition inticed the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, the Netherlands to create an exhibit about the blue jeans over the years 'Jeans'. The exhibit opens november 24th and continues on 'til march 10th 2013.

Photo above: Centraal Museum Utrecht

Photo below, left: I take off my jeans, Atelier Tossijn, Meeus van Dis; right Boudicca concept Wode, Justin Smith


       ATELIER TOSSIJN MG 3892 Boudicca WODE


In the exhibit the Centraal Museum considers the jeans as a fashion item, it being part of many subcultures making the jeans a mass consumer product emphasizing uniformity on the one hand, but still reflecting a culture's or person's individuality. But there's also the technological innovation behind the blue jeans: the production of a pair of jeans uses op more than 900 liters of water (!), and it's a challenge for the manufacturers to reduce this waste. Not to mention the amounts of indigo blue dye needed to give the jeans their most popular color.  At the Jeans exhibit you'll see the history of the blue jeans explained from the frontier years of Levi Strauss to jean's introduction on the catwalks in the 80's. In the exhibit you'll also see new applications of jeans in fashion, and in the Fashion Lab you'll get a chance to work with denim yourself.

Photo below, left: streetwear Tokio, Anneke Beerkens; right, Master of the Blue Jeans, Courtesy of Galerie Canesso Paris, Thomas Hennoque.  


   Anneke Beerkens snapshot op straat streetwear in Tokio  Maestro della tela Master of the Blue Jeans


According to Yves Saint Laurent (not known for making working clothes) jeans are the most spectacular, practical, easygoing piece one can have in their closet. It has the sex appeal, simplicity, expression and modesty he searches for in all his designs.

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