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02 Dec

ABC Color Reform Spectrum

ABC Carpet & Home commissioned Jason Madara to photograph the Color Reform Spectrum series rugs. An early 20th century home in upstate New York, abandoned, was the chosen location. The weathered state of the home made a perfect scenery to photograph the rugs for the advertising campaign of the new series. The final photo's show nearly surreal spaces. The rugs are made by Pakistani craftsmen specially for the Color Reform Spectrum series.


ABC S1 0003 W4 flat


For ABC Carpet & Home, colors have the power to transform and recreate a space. Their rugs in the Color Reform series are normally over-dyed. In the Color Reform Spectrum series, the designs of the rugs we're made with the intention to be over-dyed. In earlier series existing rugs would be overdyed after neutralizing the original colors of the rugs. 


ABC S4 0005 W8 flat


Photographing through the doors create a unique palette of colors, with the carpets and weathered walls and doors creating a rich palette of colors in each photo. 


ABC S6 0014 W6 flat

ABC SS 0011 W10 flat

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