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24 Feb

Ilanel ORA lamp: light up your home in any color you like

 Interiors are often static. You choose the colors for you wall, a couch and rug, a dining table, curtains. And there you go. You have a home to live in that is unchanged for the next five years. But are you always in the same mood? And does your home suit each occasion? There's several different ways to change the mood in your home, and there are several lighting solutions aswell. We found this lamp, the ORA lamp by Ilanel Design Studio that gives your home dynamic qualities. It is an 'interactive luminary that engages in experimentation and exploration of colored illumination'. In other words: you can change the light. What's more, you can give the light any color you like, any color that softens or change a mood (like when you're in a bad mood at an inconvenient time) or that can strengthen it (like when you get home from work and want to relax for a bit). 'ORA enables personalisation, for colored light can have an emotional meaning and therefore can influence the atmosphere of a space.' By the way: this is not an advertorial.


Ilanel, the design company, encourages you to interact with the space, through the light. The space won't be static anymore for the next five years. The lights have three knobs that you use to adjust the light. It's an RGB lamp so you can use the three knobs to adjust the balance of the red, green and blue of the color spectrum. This also means you have endless possibilities: you can create any color in the light spectrum.



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