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13 Mar

Wies Preijde: Against the Flow

Wies Preijde's project Tegendraads (against the flow), is a tease. In several ways it plays with your sence of space, depth and perception. Wies places textile walls in a space, creating new spaces. The woven walls are partially transparant, so you can see through them a little, you can see the space behind the wall. The lines and colors in the woven structures create new spaces and depth themselves. The 2D walls have a 3D effect on the eye. The entire set entices the visitor to explore, like a child exploring the intricate floor plan of a castle.




Wies started the project with a model to experiment with the idea, making spaces and color combinations that she remembers from home and other interior designs. She applied soft colors to give the interior a spacious feel by keeping it light and it makes the installation more inviting for visitors. Each wall's color is chosen to increase the desired playful effect on your perception. And the colors have been chosen to fit in with traditional colors used for respective rooms such as the living room, hallway or bathroom. The combination of the threads, transparancy, colors and patterns create a magnificent installation to explore.



       img04-wiespreijde img05 -wiespreijde



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