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22 Mar

The Sound of Color by Dorothy

This is pretty cool. Dorothy, a UK design agency, was working on a project. The assignment was to create a new range of paint colors, and using names of songs for the colors. Blue Moon, Yellow Submarine and so forth. This got them thinking, and they came up with the Music Inspired Colour Wheel. Simple really: look up all the songs with a color in their names, and sort them according to a color wheel. The work? Weeks of scouring sources like the internet and reference books to find the songs with colors in them. They sorted the songs to color first in concentric rings. That was logical, to make it look like a record. it's not until after that they decided to make it a color wheel to make it look more interesting. Getting all the names together, they also realized that some colors we're simply overrepresented. Red, blue, black and white we're in loads of songs from several different genres, so for the other colors they had to dig deep and also consider less well-known songs. And you can be sure they also delved into their own memories and mp3/record/tape/cd collections and enjoyed the task ;-) And apparently there we're some discussions. Black Cherry: is that black with a shade of cherry, or a dark red?

(By the way: the color wheels are available in a limited edition!)


Colour of Music C2 Dorothy0034 low

Colour of Song C1 Dorothy0035 low

Colour of Music C1 Dorothy0034 low

Colour of Song Music Frame Dorothy003435 low-2

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