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10 Jul

How diverse can you get?

How diverse can you be as an artist? Bands tend to stick to one style. Designers can lack experimentation aswell. Viktor Lukin seems to be a playful type. His work is abstract, but it ranges from complex sculptures to toilets decorated with colorful chips. However, as Viktor explains: 'My main theme is a geometric abstraction, dialogue of abstract and environment, a play with meaning of form and sign, and color is an emotion and expression of subconscious.' The toilet scene isn't representative of the rest of his work. From politically laden yet simple and playful installations including humans, to  sculptures that show a play with light.

 Below: 1м


Action dialogue with Duchamp 1996Self-portrait in a military helmet 1996Performance change Ego 1996 detail

Above: Dialogue with Duchamp, Self portait in military helmet, Change Ego Performance

'I was born (1955) in a small town in the Urals (Nizhny Tagil, Russia). This is a rather gray industrial city. When I was a student (1973-78), I became interested in abstract art, but abstract art has not been on display at exhibitions in the days of the USSR. I was not interested in art as propaganda tool for any ideas and I'm rather interested in visual experiments. My first works were done in the style of "Op Art". Optical effects have been my hobby. At that time, I began to actively use color and modular structure. Color made my work expressive and emotional and modular structure allows me creating different combinations of exhibitions. In the works of that period it was the game with line and color. I was fascinated by how a simple line and color create the shape and the mood.'

Below: The wind from the sea

The wind from the sea 1990


He hints his use of colors may be influenced by time: 'I often use multiple colors and create color combination because I like the color intensity. Maybe it dates back to my childhood, when I wanted to turn my grey hometown into a brighter city. But recently, I started doing white and monochrome works, perhaps it's time, although each separate work is a particular task.' Each particular task is done at it's own particular time. And there's enough time to create a broad, diverse range of art.

Below: 1 ф, Twilight Relief, If you want to be fed

1 ф-co

Twillight relief 1991

if you want to be fed - should be all 2012


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