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05 Jul

Chocolates seductive brown

Cocoa pod foto

How does chocolate get it's color? Richard van der Burgh from Van Der Burgh Chocolaad explains. The chocolate bar you buy at stores has travelled quite a way to acchieve the irresitable quality we adore. The beans grow in a protective pod that needs to be broken open to get the beans out. Around the beans is a white layer that needs to be fermented away in the sun. The fermented beans are shipped to chocolate factories for further processing. The taste of the chocolate is primarily determined when the beans are burned, after which the shells are broken open revealing the core of cacao-beans. These are grinded to become a thick chocolate paste. This may take up to one and a half days. The thick paste will still have a dark brown color.

Chocolade roeren

The chocolate is still very bitter at this stage, so sugar and natural vanilla are added. The final color of the chocolate is determined by the amount of milkpowder added to the chocolate paste. For dark chocolate hardly any milkpowder is added. For light chocolate more milk powder is added, giving a light brown color. White chocolate is entirely different to normal chocolate. Only the butter that is used as an ingredient contains cocoa. Condensed milk gives white chocolate it's color, not the cocao beans. 



Chocolade brokjes

The chocolate needs to tempered, a delicate process christalizing the chocolate. It's still a liquid now, and can be poured into it's final moulds to make the actual bars. It needs to be carefully cooled down to 8-12 degress celcius. Once this is done the chocolate is ready to be wrapped in a foil, and sent to the consumers. 

Chocoalde in wikkel geknipt

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