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16 May

Anne van den Heuvel Textiles

Dutch designer Anne van den Heuvel works with several materials to make her pieces in offices and homes. In her work there is always the element of influencing a space with a multitude of colors. Anne applies several older, as well as new techniques when working with textiles to acchieve beautifully crafted results.


 Anne van den Heuvel closeup blokjes geschaald Anne van den Heuvel Megazine vilten wandkleed 2 geschaald


Her bond with color is strong, to say the least. Colors are not merely identifiers that help you recognize an object, colors are also a quality of an object that affect how we feel about it. For Anne, colors give a feel-good sensation. 


Anne van den Heuvel Megazine living 1 geschaald     Anne van den Heuvel Megazine living 2  geschaald


Allthough her focus lies on textiles, she uses several materials to work with. For Silk-ka (flowers) Anne designed and painted the stand walls used at several trade fairs (below), and she also designs moza├»c works. She's used to working with a multitude of clients that offer her new challenges to using color and light  as an infleuntial factor in spaces, with her own style in using color combinations.


0382.studioanne-silkka-colorized-wandschildering-muurschildering-muurkunst 1 Anne van den Heuvel Megazine mozaiek 2 geschaald


Before starting a project, not only the function of a space is considered. Also the people using the space and the design of the space itself are taken into account to acchieve a balanced result. Below you can see the detail put into the large wall covering work 'Optimism Blue'. It's been made of wool, acryl, polyester and cotton using a complicated dubbel-weaving technique.



Anne van den Heuvel Megazine textiel 1 geschaald

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