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Graffiti Rockers Boa Mistura

    Graffiti Rockers Boa Mistura

    Boa Mistura from Madrid, and local inhabitants from the Sao Paulo favela Vila Brasilanda, transformed the characteristic small winding streets by painting the walls and the ground. Adding words that can only be read from specific vantage points.

    001 FIRMEZA 3770 geschaal

    Firmeza = Firmness

    BoaMistura blue what it looks like from the street BoaMistura blue

    Beleza = Beauty

    006 BELEZA 2696 geschaald


    BoaMistura Red 010 DOCºURA 5034 geschaald

    Doçura = Sweetness

    BoaMistura Yellow 015 ORGULHO 4835 geschaald

    Orgulho = Pride

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