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Marcus Björkman, green selection

    Marcus Björkman, green selection

    Out of Marcus Björkman's wide range of photo's, we made a green selection. Marcus himself takes photo's by what he sees, and generally doesn't work with a preconcieved idea in mind. His entire portfolio is very broad, and suprising. Above is the award winning photo 'Generations'.

    V as in Brave geschaald


    Some photo's have limited contrast, like you can see in 'V as in Brave' (above) where the blue slide fits well with the green sides. Below left ('I'm on TV') however, there's a nice contrast between the wall and the round window. Using green for the this airport smoking room (below right) is of course an interesting choice, as we associate smoke(-ers) more with gray.


    Im on tv Greenroom

    Outside the stairway DeZending


    Above left: Outside the Stairway, Above right: DeZending

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