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08 Jul

Alexander Zabara: Lomography golden rules applied

Alexander Zabara, represented by Perspectiva Art in The Hague, is interested in man's relation to his natural and urban surroundings. While experimenting with photographic techniques, Alexander Zabara started using Lomography camera's as well as the ten golden rules of Lomography for his photos. The lomography principles help to see the true essence of things, and to Zabara the interaction with our surroundings is like a dance. Dynamic and changing. Inspired by William Turner, Zabara sees the world not as defined by lines but by colors and shapes. This influenced his photography as he started taking pictures while walking and not stopping or looking through the viewfinder to get the proper frame, as you can see in this selection taken from his series 'Free Forest' and 'Steet Pulse'.


IMG 2028  MG 7762

  MG 3240


The movement expressed what he was feeling more than static pictures, and you can see how the movement affects photo's: the hard lines are lost and the colors take over creating dynamic shapes. The seemingly blurry pictures that came out of this represent his emotions and feelings while walking through a forest or city more than the static shots do, and gives a suprising yet very real perspective of the world. They actually bring it back to how he experienced the forests around Moscow as a child. While developping the pictures Alexander changes settings of brightness, contrast and whitebalance until the picture expresses what he felt when taking the photos. His approach is similar to that used by expressionists in art and music.


  MG 1239 

 MG 9328  MG 0105

 MG 9401


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