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08 Jun

Colors of UNESCO nature sites

Irma Boom has made a series of color palettes of 80 UNESCO nature sites around the world, and compiled the palettes into a beautiful publication called 'Color-Based on Nature', in coorperation with Thomas Eyck. It emulates a color sample book in that it not only shows a wide variety of palettes but also includes strips that can be torn out. She's taken a line of pixels from a picture, and strected them out, essentially giving you a strechted ultra zoom of the world heritage site. 

t.e. 120 color diagram 2 geschaald 

These have been made into wallpaper series consisting of 7 of the palettes in the book. Below right is the Waddensea (The Netherlands & Germany).

     t.e. 120 individual color geschaald          t.e. 121 wallpaper waddenseanetherlands germany geschaald

 t.e. 122 wallpaper jungfrau-aletsch switzerland geschaald t.e. 123 wallpaper guanacaste costa rica geschaald

Above The Jungfrau Aletsch,Switserland and Guanacaste, Costa Rica (right). Below the Mana Pools, Zimbabwe.

 t.e. 127 wallpaper mana pools zimbabwe geschaald

 t.e. 124 wallpaper Hawaii Volcanoes usa geschaald t.e. 126 wallpaper great barrier reef australia geschaald

Above Hawaii Volcanoes (left) and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia (right). Below Sirakami Sanchi, Japan.

t.e. 125 wallpaper shirakami-sanchi japan geschaald 

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