The Expression of Flowers: Ruslan Nurgaliev
Times change, things are temporary. Our environment is changing and flexible. Stable enviroments don't exist. Time would have come to a standstill, as were it a photograph. In The Expressive Flowers series by Russian Photographer Ruslan Nurgaliev you...
What Russian photography has to show
The Olympics are a way for a country to show itself to the world. Unfortunately, with the Sotchi Olympics the world is focussing on the politics of the country more than on sports, the people and it's culture. We take the opportunity to show a part o...
A colored block represents a home
'Constructivism' by Ruslan Nurgaliev: I'd like to offer you, the viewer, my project "Constructivism". It satisfies most of the principles of this trend of art, which appeared in the beginning of the 20 century. I think nowadays it's not easy to offe...
Soviet Posters of the Silent Screen
By Justine Fox, Clarity InColour Russia is in the limelight right now. Whether from the imminent onset of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, the state's political manoeuvrings over libertarian activists or simply the recently opened new concept anti...
How diverse can you get?
How diverse can you be as an artist? Bands tend to stick to one style. Designers can lack experimentation aswell. Viktor Lukin seems to be a playful type. His work is abstract, but it ranges from complex sculptures to toilets decorated with colorful ...
Russian Color Photography in Foam, Amsterdam
FOAM Photography museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is running an exhibit on early Russian photographers, Primrose: Russian Colour Photography. They started using colors in photo's practically immediately after photography in itself was invented. A...
Shooting infrared
A well known technique amongst photographers, Andre Ermolaev used a camera that only lets the infrared light through, giving a special effect when used properly. He had to alter the filter in the camera, which normally doesn't let infrared light thro...
Alexander Zabara: Lomography golden rules applied
Alexander Zabara, represented by Perspectiva Art in The Hague, is interested in man's relation to his natural and urban surroundings. While experimenting with photographic techniques, Alexander Zabara started using Lomography camera's as well as the ...
Andrey Belkov: chills or neutral and calm?
He travels a lot, and takes photo's to save the beautiful places in his memories. Russian photographer Andrey Belkov likes desolate places and wants to remember them in their pure form. In an interview conducted by Perspectiva Art for Color Obje...

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