Rosalie Dace travels around quite a bit. It makes you wonder how she has time to work on her quilts. Or wall pieces really. Most of her work is using traditional techniques like ironing and stitching. Allthough she's South-African, and she travels re...
South African textile artist Odette Tolksdorf has a personal preference for warm colors. Her preference and also her artwork reflect the surroundings she lives in: Durban South Africa. There's a lot of earthy colors in her work, but Odette will use a...
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Color Objects encourages you to get a better eye and appreciation for colors and characters. To get a special selection of pics and info for you, we find designers and artists that make colorful work from all over the world. There's a lot of character in colors, and having a closer look will change your view of the world and people around you. So we share a host of pics and info from design, art, cultures and the natural world. All about colors.

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