By Sylvia O'Brien Colour is an influence on everything. It seeps into our consciousness whether we know it or not. The psychology of colour is especially connected to the healing process. It is a known fact that our state of mind directly affec...
This is pretty cool. Dorothy, a UK design agency, was working on a project. The assignment was to create a new range of paint colors, and using names of songs for the colors. Blue Moon, Yellow Submarine and so forth. This got them thinking, and they ...
By Sylvia O'Brien It is debated that the average human eye can perceive up to ten million colours or more. To see colour... I mean actually see it, means that we have to learn to look, decipher and categorize it. Is it the colour of fresh lavendar, ...
By Charlotte Champion  In the fine arts, and particularly in painting, colour has always played an extremely important role. Whether artists finely blend colours to ‘precisely’ imitate nature or use the more expressive colours of emotion an...

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ColorObjects Visualise the emotion you want to capture - make a collage! Manja Buitink teaches.
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Color Objects encourages you to get a better eye and appreciation for colors and characters. To get a special selection of pics and info for you, we find designers and artists that make colorful work from all over the world. There's a lot of character in colors, and having a closer look will change your view of the world and people around you. So we share a host of pics and info from design, art, cultures and the natural world. All about colors.

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