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27 feb

I get transfixed by things

'I guess I've always been drawn to their immense colour and texture. As an object I was fascinated by the shape they took on. The carvings and markings that were made by the cue's created these amazing cave structures. No chalk was ever the same. They all took on a form of their own.', zo legt fotograaf Tom Lakeman van The Blackout Studio uit over de Moonshine serie.

'As an individual I'd say I was quite obsessive. I get transfixed by things and these consume the majority of my creative mind. For many many years it was the snooker chalks.'

Theblackoutstudio Moonshine001


'I worked for about a year on this project trying to develop a style of photographing it that would capture the texture and quality. This style defined the way I shoot today and was the learning process I needed to become the photographer I am.'

'Producing the colour for print was time consuming. Many profiles and test strips later we found a happy balance. The blue's and turquoise prints were less of an issue than the reds....'

'This was testament to Steve my amazing printer would worked long hard to get the results we had on the screen. Being such vivid colours the detail in the highlights were again hard to produce, and I'm very happy with the results.'

'They're framed using a perspex mount which sandwiches the print to the perspex. This gives the image a 3D like quality.'

  Theblackoutstudio Moonshine002Theblackoutstudio Moonshine003

  Theblackoutstudio Moonshine006Theblackoutstudio Moonshine005


Theblackoutstudio Moonshine008

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