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26 apr

Keeping it real: severafrahm

How do you build a living room out of blankets? Here's one way. severafrahm created this photoshoot. Inspired by Cubism, Bauhaus and De Stijl, known for using bold primary colors. severafrahm, a photographers duo, quotes Walter Gropius: "The final goal of all artistic activity is architecture.". In their own words: "The space is altered and perspective annulled through geometric and abstract 2D compositions in a 3D environment."

         severafrahm Jag-Zoeppritzseverafrahm Zoeppritz RGB 3

The photoshoot is part of a project initiated by the Aesthetics Habitat (a blog run by the German creative studio Deutsche & Japaner) that encourages photographers and gives them a space to exhibit their own work with design objects as subjects, without restrictions. JAG Zoeppritz, a quality fashion and textile firm celebrating it's 185 year anniversary supported the project, supplying the design objects that literally fill the photo's with color and texture. 

severafrahm Jag-Zoeppritz

severafrahm Jag-Zoeppritz

It was up to severafrahm to make something special out of something as seemingly ordinary as blankets. The challenge is to get everything just right. The composition and the colors had to be perfect so they had to go the extra mile to make it work. 'That´s actually one of the most important things of this shoot, to build it all in real but let it look like photoshopped or like a painting.' severafrahm had to keep it real. And they did.

severafrahm Jag-Zoeppritz

severafrahm Jag-Zoeppritz

severafrahm Jag-Zoeppritz Making-Of


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