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19 juni

Lluis & Marcela play together

Lluis Busse is all about expermentation. Just have a look at the selection of photo's for this article and you'll see how diverse his work is. As Lluis says: 'I like to play every day'. Led's objects, different rooms, lights, camera positions, suprise, video, through glass, classic , projection mapping, new style. Our whole interview with Lluis was all about playing, experimenting and progressing really. 




He even has a double personality, Marcela Cava Balsa. She started as a personal joke. And if you use a new style, why not use a new character?


The Hardest Part


Lluis does not stick to only one style. He describes his playing like an animalistic experience for the artist. When he is working (or playing...) he is extremely focussed on what he has to do, or is learning to do. Now he's playing with video a lot, fascinated by how it allows you to investigate the light as it's moving, how the light moves (check out 'Playing with light' at the bottom of this page). That added dimension makes it more experimental that photography. He teaches his skills to others. If you're teaching, others are learning from you. How you learn yourself? By playing, every day.


bicycle light drawing

heroes light painting

Sagrada Familia Lluis Busse



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