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07 juli

Different century, same color

Recreating something from the past in the present. We do it all the time in music. And it's done in design aswell. Rachel Harding from Studio Droog recreated chinese vases. Not that they look the same. Because they don't. What is the same as the original? The shape? No. The shapes of the vases are merely taken from what an archtype vase would look like. Is it the production process? Nope. 3D printing didn't exist when the original vases we're made. Is it the colors? Yes. The colors are the same. It was decided to use not only the exact color palette of each vase, but also use the exact amount of color used on each original vase. Using a archetypical vase shape helped lay the emphasis on the colors.


      Droog-design-Family-Vase-1  Droog-design-family-vases OriginalFamillieRoseVase

     Droog-design-family-vase-2 Droog-design-family-vases OriginalFamillieVertVase



To select the proper color, and to calculate the proper proportion of each color to use on the new vases, pictures we're used. The pixels of the photo's enable you to select the colors that will be mixed during the printing process. And the pixels enable you to determine the exact amout of surface area each color will cover. The final result? Vases which are totally now, but supported by the world's heritage.


     Droog-design-Family-Vase-3 Droog-design-family-vases OriginalFamillieJauneVase

    Droog-design-family-vase-4 Droog-design-family-vases OriginalFamillieNoirVase



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