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06 nov

25hours Hotel in Zurich

We could spend all day in the 25hours hotel in Zürich by interior designer Alfredo Häberli. There's more to do here than just be a hotel guest. Sure, there's a conference room, a sauna with a view over Zürich, there are even cooking classes! The comfortable rooms each have their own atmosphere, WIFI of course, minibar, there's a restaurant and you can rent bikes. But that would only keep us busy for 24 hours a day. What about the 25th hour? (photo's by Jonas Kuhn)


Hotel 25hours Bookworm Jonas Kuhn 02

Hotel 25hours Details Jonas Kuhn


The hotel motto is 'you know one, you know none' and looking at the pics we get the point. Every space is unique. Designer Alfredo Häberli made sure there is some type of graphic or creative surprise throughout the hotel, often referring to Zürich. When visiting the hotel, take some time, that 25th hour, to look around, closely, check behind curtains even. The hotel is one to explore and you need an extra hour in the day to explore the 25hours hotel.


Hotel 25hours Bar Jonas Kuhn 02

Hotel 25hours Details Jonas Kuhn

Hotel 25hours Platinzimmer Jonas Kuhn 01

Hotel 25hours Restaurant Jonas Kuhn

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