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14 nov

Britzpetermann's Colour Morphology isn't finished yet

Britzpetermann. It's one name, but actually three. It consists of AndrĂ© Brtiz, Timo Langpeter and Nico Zimmermann. A trio of designers and techies who work together. Childlike curiosity is key. Childlike curiosity helps Britzpetermann make unusual decisions, and keeps them from seeing the obvious. They often have to create something for a client (which is how they make a living), but every now and then they take the time to play. It gives them more freedom to be creative and to rethink things from scratch. Of course they still work as professionals. But the childlike attitude remains important: children run against walls, experience processes that aren't straightforward, learn.


Britzpetermann Colour Morphology


For Colour Morphology Britzpetermann intends to create an interactive installation that plays with the idea of a still life. A still life of a the traditional fruit basket, but then confusing the viewer. Their idea was to create a time-lapse still life, letting the fruit rot slowly, creating a series of still-life's in which the colors change. The project developed from that, wondering how the viewer could be irritated a little by painting the fruit in colors you wouldn't expect making it look plastic. Or by painting the fruit and then letting it rot (the shape of the drying fruit would show it's rotting, but the colour of the paint would stay the same, in that way conserving the fruit). So the pics you see aren't the finished product. They are a part of the process, a part that already is worth showing.


Britzpetermann Colour Morphology


Even though the images of what the project has become are really really simple, it works quite well. Well enough to have gained a lot of attention on sites like Behance. Maybe it's the complementary colors they've chosen (they seem to radiate some kind of energy), or the composition. Who know's, all we can say we we're drawn to it with a childlike curiosity for the end product!


Britzpetermann Colour Morphology

Britzpetermann Colour Morphology

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